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 Special FX Breakdowns, or "How'd you do that?"


 I've always found it fascinating how we get from clean plate to "Wow! lookit that!"

Here are some of our most popular shots "before and afters" to give you an idea what goes into them.


"Ship Battle" The first shot is the finished bit. The second shot is nothing but clean plates cut in the same sequence and with the same soundtrack.


 "Charging the Redoubts" Another battle scene, this time land based. When you pull out all the FX it almost looks silly. Just a guy and his horse!



This was a gratifying challenge... Replace the sound hole on a live action violin with one shaped like the company logo. Trouble is, it's an actual Stradivarius! So no tracker markers, in fact no touchy at all! 

This called for some R&D. My guitar stood in for a proof of concept.

Plate shot, tracked, and 3d "virtual violin" constructed. Note the original sound hole...

Finished composite with "Mouse sound hole"

Got some time on your hands? Check out this breakdown with commentary!


 Hey, wanna see me get shwacked by a backhoe? It was a quick test to check the feasibility of doing digital stunt doubles. The technique was later used in "American General.  Good for a laugh!